Me and Daniel

Me and Daniel
Me and my then 8 year old son, 20 years ago.

Friday 29 August 2014


So, I've been working on putting together my old journals into some kind of readable pile of sentences, and I don't seem to have the time to do that AND a new post.
So I've made the decision to use excerpts of the old journal AS a post.
I mean, there's always so much to do outside of time allotted for writing.
 Am I right?
All names have been changed to protect the integrity of the situation.
January 10, 2002

Well, the big palm tree is dead. I really don't know what happened to it. It got some sort of weird spongy fungus and it fell apart.
For real.
I was moving it to a better spot in my room and it went to pieces. 
Okay, here's a diagram to explain it better:

I'm very sad about this.
 I guess nothing lives forever, not even potted plants. It was a good tree and I'm gonna miss it. 
Funeral will be held later this evening out by the dumpster. 
In lieu of flowers, please send roses.

September 25, 2001
7:03 pm

Exactly three months till Christmas!!!
September 27, 2001
8:13 pm

Sally just dropped Joey and Alison off back home here a little while ago.
 They were over at Mike and Sal's for a couple days because Joey and Mike were working for Mike's neighbour, building a cow barn.
 I don't even think he's Amish.

Anyway, she, (Sally) stayed for coffee. We were sitting here, having our coffee and making small talk..(very small)...and all of a sudden, she tells me that there's a man standing behind me! 
She said, so matter-of-factly, that she can actually see spirits and this guy is some sort of ghost.
 She said he was tall, with dark hair and he just looked around, smiled, and left.
(What would be the point of that?  What is this? The ghost of a shoe salesman?)
I actually said to her, "Is he dead?"
She said, "Yeah he's dead. He's a ghost."
Thomas called bullshit immediately.
Sally said that actually it was not bullshit and there are, IN FACT, three ghosts living in Thomas's room.
Thomas just rolled his eyes.
Then she said she'd been abducted by aliens!
No word on why the aliens brought her back.
Here is a picture Joey drew of the barn him and Mike put up:

Okay....I'm not sure how this is a cow barn....perhaps Joey studied construction under Picasso.

Joey just informed me that it wasn't a cow BARN, but a cow that that's all cleared up........
November 1, 2001
9:21 pm

I'd love to be a journalist.
I could just see it. There I'd be, standing infront of whatever was going on.
Stern expression. Holding a microphone.
 Blue blouse. Black skirt.
"I'm Vloorina Sanchez reporting for MCA"
Of course 'Vloorina Sanchez' would be my reporter name.
And I'd get super bitchy if someone mispronounced it.
There I'd be. All indignant and shit.
When I was a kid I thought that the Mayo Clinic was the headquarters of some huge mayonnaise factory. I don't know what made me just think of that, but I originally thought it when I was no bigger that a flea on the ass of a grasshopper.
If you've read this far, you may already be a millionaire.
October 31, 2001
5:03 pm

Thomas gave me a piece of cloth with a bunch of strange symbols on it.
 Triangles; screaming horses; odd, oblong's supposed to be a Tibetan good luck symbol.
I don't know. I don't think it works very well.
 The Tibetans haven't been so lucky so far.
Maybe they should think about re-working their good luck flags.
Either that or call them something else. Something without the word 'luck' in it.
Like.....'interesting rags'.
Then when you gave one to someone, and they asked what it was, you could say,
"That's an interesting rag, from Tibet."
I just heard on TV that they took a bunch of gold out of the World Trade Centre.
Thank god the gold is safe!
It's not fair that the people melted and the gold didn't.
If people were made of gold they'd still be here.
November 11, 2001
12:53 am

I have an idea for a self portrait.
It would be a self portrait in pieces. Like, one picture would be just the first knuckle of the pinky on my left hand. Another would be a patch of skin on the back of my right knee. Another could be the middle of my right ear cartilidge.
 Of course all of these parts would be on the same canvas...just disassembled.
I think it would be cool.
 I'll need mirrors.
I just started laughing out loud, and I'm here all alone, and suddenly I felt stupid.
 I think a lot of people do, maybe you're on the toilet, and you think of something super funny and start laughing...and feel stupid because you're all alone.
But no one else is there! That's the beauty of it.
 I think we should be okay with laughing because something's funny, and not restrict our laughter depending on how many people are around.
After all, holding in laughter is the number one cause of sadness.
We should quit feeling stupid in front of ourselves.
It doesn't make any sense.


  1. Wait a minute; what was the name of the palm tree? It didn't even get a name to protect it. Do you still not want flowers?

    Did someone watch too much Ghost Whisperer?

    1. Hey Andrew! The palm tree didn't have a name and I realize now that that was a failing on my part. It did last a long time though. We used to put decorations on it at time a bat flew into the kitchen and landed, upside down, in that very tree. That was a crazy evening! Lots of running and screaming...

      I remember her watching lots of Sylvia Brown and John Edwards...those 'spirit' people....I think she just liked to try and freak people out, but we were unfreakable.

  2. that wasn't a ghost Eve, it was only me trying to get a free cup of coffee.

    1. Hey Ron! I thought that might have been you! lol....In reality it turned out to be exactly what we thought it was......nothing.....although my sister in law still insists that she really can see ghosts. I wish her and them plenty of happy years!
      Hope everything's great with you and the family.

  3. Hi Eva.
    Love the snippets...
    Some great lines!
    " Funeral will be held later this evening out by the dumpster.
    In lieu of flowers, please send roses."
    ... as well as..
    "No word on why the aliens brought her back."
    Made me smile!
    Thanks for the insightful response to my post, over at the IWSG last week. :)
    Writer In Transit

    1. Hey Michelle, Welcome to my blog and thanks for your comments! I always feel best when I make someone smile and I'm so happy you did.
      Hope the week is treating you well so far.

  4. If we amuse ourselves sometimes, that's a good thing. I've done that laughing alone about what's on my mind, but not for a long time. I used to think no one knew I had a hidden sense of dry humor.

    Journals show a side of us we don't usually reveal. I like the idea. Haven't been by for a while, so hope you've been keeping well.

    1. Hey D.G.! How have you been? I hope everything is great for you in your corner of our beautiful province.
      Yeah, you're right about's almost like they're a secret portal to another dimension inside yourself...(or something.).....I pegged you as someone with a secret dry sense of humour...keep laughing about whatever it is that you find funny. Women sometimes talk to each other about the benefits of having a 'good cry', I think we should also recognize the benefits of having a 'good laugh', even though we sometimes have to dig to see the humour.

  5. This is great---I love the journal ideas. I used to keep them for years. Now you have me curious about them--I want to go back and read some of the old ones!

    1. Hey Mama! You should definitely do that! I have kept journals for so's an affliction I think. It's really interesting to read what you were thinking so long ago. The thing that I find about it is, a lot of the things I wrote down years ago, I had totally forgotten about, and if not for the journal, those experiences would be lost to the sands of time.
      Good luck and I really hope you do this!

  6. Great stuff Eva, I love it! I never feel stupid about laughing, even when I'm alone. Sometimes I feel a little self-conscious when I'm around people and I'm laughing at something a bit off-the-wall, but laughing feels good and I just think "Okay, now they have proof I'm weird. Oh well."

    1. Jane!! That happens to me sometimes too. I'll be the only one in a group laughing at something, and everyone will be staring at me, like they're all 'above that sort of thing'...they think I'm off the wall, and I think they're not realizing the full potential of the humour of the situation.
      I'm so glad you're blogging! It's great to be in touch again.

  7. Beautiful excerpts and glimpses of life! Thank you for sharing.

    Sarah Allen
    (From Sarah, With Joy)

    1. Hey Sarah! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for stopping by.

  8. Hey Karen! Yeah, believe me there are some entries I will never share, but some of them are pretty benign, so I figured, 'what the hell might as well'. Thanks for stopping by and hope your having a good week.

  9. I love the way you look at things and your journal writing is so unique. Thanks for sharing it. "If people were made of gold they'd still be here." Amazing.

    1. Thanks Eve! I appreciate that and I'm happy that you liked it. You are an excellent writer, so that means a lot to me. :)

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