Me and Daniel

Me and Daniel
Me and my then 8 year old son, 20 years ago.

Wednesday 24 December 2014



(Sometime in 1994 - November 23, 2014)

Pearly was my beautiful Ragdoll cat. She was born sometime in 1994, and adopted by our family in 2001 when she was seven years old. I had doubts at the time about adopting such an 'old' cat, but her personality made it impossible for us to walk away and leave her languishing in her SPCA cage. 

The day we walked into the pet store and headed for the SPCA corner we had no intention of bringing a feline into our family. We were killing time, as they say, waiting for something that has been lost to the sands of appointment or something I think. At any rate, the SPCA corner was a place to get a glimpse of dogs and cats, puppies and kittens, all waiting for forever homes.

That day there were a few grown cats, a lot of kittens, and one black dog that seemed to have springs instead of legs. He was in a fenced in area in a corner of the room, and would jump straight up about four feet in the air, and he did this continuously. 
Pearly sat in her cage and stared down at him like he was some kind of a freak.
When my oldest son put his face next to her cage to get a good look at her, she walked over to him, put a white paw through the bars and flipped his glasses up. 
When I came to look at this spectacle she broke her gaze at my son and locked eyes with me. 
Her meow was soft and sweet, not at all yowly or horrid. 
She explained to us, in her native tongue, that she was meant to be a part of our family, (at least that's what I imagined her to be saying) and we had no choice but to immediately fall in love with her.

We adopted her on the spot.

(Pearl in her later years)

Pearly was pretty much the boss of the two dogs who were already a part of the family when she came. She would chase them away from food that she wanted for herself, or force them to leave cozy beds when she decided she wanted to take a nap. 
At 20 pounds she was a pretty big cat, but still, the dogs were a border collie/lab cross and a ridgeback/pitbull cross...they outweighed her by a lot. It was her confidence and attitude that made them move. 

In the thirteen years that I knew her, Pearly exhibited that confidence and self assurance always. 
When I'd have guests over to the house she would sit at the table, on a chair, and get in on the conversation. She would softly meow and look around at each person.
If people were in the living room sitting on the couch, she would pick someone that she especially wanted to get to know, and place a large yet delicate white paw on their cheek and hold it there while staring into their eyes.
I often heard, from laughing, startled people, "What's up with your cat?"
She was persuasive and always managed to get what she wanted, which was usually a pat, a kind word, or a piece of cake!

The years went on and eventually the kids moved out, the dogs passsed, and it was just me and Pearly. 
She would greet me at the door every evening when I came in from work. She was eager to tell me about her day and would do so in the soft voice she always had.
She learned to walk on a harness and enjoyed outings on days without rain. 

As these fairly recent years passed, she became more and more needy, and would wait for me outside the bathroom door, and sleep curled up on my back at night. She hated to be alone.
She loved to be held like a baby. I could carry her around on her back all day long and she'd purr and purr, occasionally reaching a soft paw up to touch my face. 
She was an easy creature to love. 
In the end, all the trips to the vet just confirmed one thing...unfortunately there is no cure for being a twenty year old cat. If such a cure existed she would still be here, waiting at the bathroom door, getting in on the conversation and causing a sensation on her harness.

Pets give us so much in return for what we give them. 
For the first time in years I am totally petless, which is a situation I need to remedy soon.
I would love another Ragdoll, even though I can't replace my Pearl.
 I'll just have to take a trip down to the SPCA and see who's there waiting with a soft meow and a friendly paw.

(Pearl gazing at her face in her water bowl two days before she died.)

Happy Holidays to everyone!


  1. What a heart warming story Eve. The best to you and yours not only this holiday season but ever and ever. HUGS

    1. Thanks Ron! Same back at ya! Hope you had a spectacular holiday. :)

  2. I've had a few cats so I know exactly how you feel. My current kitty is from the rescue centre so I'm really happy that you not only gave Pearl a wonderful home and life but that you're considering making another unwanted kitty part of your family too.

    Pearl looked like an absolute darling. x

    1. Hey Urb!! It's been a while eh? So good to hear from you! Pearl was an amazing little creature and I am definately going to adopt someone else from the SPCA. By the springtime I'll have a new little kitty. Hope life is treating you well these days~!

  3. Okay. Crying. I'm really sorry you lost your Pearly. At least you gave her a good and happy life, and that's a very good thing.

    1. Jane!!!! I've been so horrible about this blog lately. Things are in kind of an uproar around here, sorry I haven't been in touch lately. Yeah, my Pearly cat was awesome, and she had a good run. The vet said she was pretty old...comparable to a 96 year old human, so I do feel good that she had such a long life, and I know the last 13 years of her life were pretty darn good! I always wished she could tell me about the first seven where she was, who her people were...she never once mentioned those times though!
      Hope you're back to your blog, I know it can be a slog to keep up with these things when so much else is going on...we'll be in touch!

  4. Hi, Eve, I'm so sorry you lost Pearly.Its never easy, I know.Our old dog of 17 yrs has been seeing better days.She'll soon need to be put down, though neither of us are anywhere near to facing that day.
    I know that some people have trouble understanding how heart broken some can get when losing a pet,even myself at one time before I had pets.But to grow the many years with a pet and go through so many stages in life with them? ah--how could you not be heart stricken?
    Many warm hugs to you, Eve.I hope in this time since Pearly has departed to kitty heaven that you have found a restful heart.And maybe another kitty? Hope so, you're a wonderful pet owner:)
    With love to you darling~for a wonderful New Year full of happiness and joy~


    1. Oh Dee!!! You are such a sweetheart! Thank you for that. Much appreciated.
      I don't have another kitty yet, but soon....well, within a couple months for sure. I have to move and get some other stuff sorted out before it'll be kitty gettin' time.
      It is really sad when a pet dies, they become such a part of the family...I wish you peace when you go through it with your dog. It's a sad time.
      Hope the new year is great for you so far! We should do coffee sometime. :)

  5. Sorry about the loss of your pet. It's been many years since I've had a pet that I grew attached to like that and certainly not for the length of time as your Pearly. I'll probably always remain petless since I like the freedom of coming and going as I wish without having to tend to a pet. Maybe when I'm too old to get around much. But then I'd have to get someone to take care of me and my pet.

    Tossing It Out

  6. Hey Lee! Yeah pets can tie you down for sure, that's true. I guess I don't really go a lot of places for any length of time...or any long length of time anyway...not sure if that's good or bad! lol!
    I've just always had pets. I haven't really gone too long in life without one. There's an idea for a post somewhere in there.
    Great to hear from you Lee and hope things are well with you.

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