Me and Daniel

Me and Daniel
Me and my then 8 year old son, 20 years ago.

Saturday 9 August 2014


"The secret of life is to appreciate the pleasure of being terribly, terribly deceived."
~ Oscar Wilde (from the play 'A Woman of No Importance')

It's true that much of life is devoted to the art of deception. Whether we're the deceivers or the deceived, it does seem that we spend an inordinate amount of time dealing with this 'pleasure'. 
Of course there are degrees of deception, although I'm sure some would disagree and say that deception is deception, no matter how large or small it seems.
We have all experienced the deception of sales people, I'm sure. People who work for commission and fudge the exact truth when regaling us (Joe Meatball and Sally Housecoat) with tales of how
 'this machine dices, slices, purees, walks the dog, makes those calls you don't want to make, deep cleans your ottoman AND comes with ALL these attachments you see here....laid out...on this, yeah...'
Perhaps we once were (or are now), those same sales people, desperate to make a living. Hoping against all odds that we will earn enough selling stainless steel Japanese Ear Enhancers to make sure little Alphonso can get a brand spanking new Rain Avoider. 

A few of us have had the 'pleasure' of living through the deception of a significant other, who, as in a melodramatic novella, leads a double life and plays us for a fool.
Maybe we are the ones with the double life. 
Either way, if this happens there is a lot of hurt, loathing, resentment and embarrassment to wade through once the deception is no longer secret.
The 'being terribly, terribly deceived' part of the Oscar quote will be felt immediately and as sharply as a dagger through the spleen. It may take years to fully appreciate the pleasure of it all.



Speaking of deception, earlier this year we had the excitement and chaos of a movie being filmed right here in Chilliwack!
 Massive mobile dressing rooms and production trailers were set up in the parking lot of the old Safeway. 
A few of us tried to blend in and sneak some goodies from craft services, but security was on to us from the get-go. I suppose it's fairly easy for American movie people to recognize their own in a gaggle of small town Canadians...Our deception did not stand. But theirs did.
Two of the film's stars were Danny Glover and Rob Lowe, although I don't think they were ever here in town. The word around the camp fire was that they filmed their scenes in the far from here town of Kamloops. Some of the colourful locals said that that's because they're 'bitches'. Some of the less colourful locals said it was just as well they weren't here. (Whatever that means)
Still, it was interesting to see how Chilliwack, British Columbia was transformed in to the fictional town of Anderson, North Dakota.

We saw car chases, and....well, that's pretty much it. Plenty of car chases involving the 'sherrif' and a bunch of monster trucks.
That's actually the name of the movie...'Monster Trucks'. It's supposed to be released some time next year. I wouldn't normally have any interest at all in seeing a movie like that, but since it was filmed, in part, a few blocks from my house, I will go, if only to witness how the deception looks on the big screen.

A brief snippet of local movie making:

Ah the fun of it all! Sometimes deception is a pleasure.


  1. They filmed some movie with Samuel Jackson in it a few houses down from my parents. The movie people didn't get along well with my parents because their dogs barked too much. My brother said Jackson was rude. I'm not sure what he's basing that on, exactly, but, knowing him, he probably walked up to him and treated him like a "bro;" I'd be rude, too.

  2. The movie people here were pretty nice, and like I said, we didn't actually see any 'stars', so I don't know anything about how rude or polite they would have been.
    When I was in film school I met a couple of well known people who were very friendly.
    Speaking of Samuel Jackson, did you see his reaction a while back to the interviewer who thought he was Laurence Fishburn? OMG it was funny...yeah, some of the crap people say to them, I'd probably be rude too.

    1. No, I didn't see that, but I think I heard about it? I can't remember now.

  3. Hi Eva - lovely place to live .. I've had one trip to Canada - Lake Louise and over the Rockies and on to Vancouver Island .. where my mother has a cousin. I have to say I usually go in the other direction when life is disrupted - we get quite a few film crews down here ... but now our pier has had a major fire - they may stay away for a while, but the Downs are beautiful.

    And I was in Canada for Dominion Day ... so much deception around ... sad so many feel the need for it ..

    Cheers Hilary

    1. Hey Hilary! Yes it is beautiful here, I love it! Lake Louise is wonderful, I was there a couple times, years ago now. I'm so happy you had a good time in Canada!

  4. Hi Eve. I must admit I bought not one but two multi knives from a tv ad years ago. The ad had this thing slicing thru concrete and any thing else. It sliced it diced it could even cook your meals for ya. And at the low price of 9.95 for the both of them I quickly called the number. And hey, when it arrived I was the proud owner of an ordinary box cutter with a cutting wheel on one end for cutting glass and some slots in the side that was supposed to sharpen everything from scissors to the biggest garden tools. Boy, was I glad I had ordered 2 of them! Have yourself a great week!

    1. Lol! Hey Ron! I'm so happy for you, that you had the clarity of mind to purchase TWO box cutters! So funny. I'm supposing it was that knife that sliced through all your best shoes?!
      Hope you're having an excellent weekend!

  5. Deceptive salespeople? Awe, come on. I used to be married to a not-very successful magician. Talk about deceptive!

    1. Hahaha! Hey Eve! I have so many questions about this not-very-successful magician, and the marriage....god, the mind reels! That is great subject matter. :)

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